Indrek Silentshield

Founder of Clan Silentshield


Indrek Silentshield was the founder of his clan. According to family legend, he was of Clan Goldspire before that, and a citizen — or even a ruler — of Gauntlgrym. Seeking a way to that lost city, Valtha Bonecarver opened the clan’s mausoleum and raised Indrek up. For this she was exiled from her clan, but Indrek is now bound to her.

In a forgotten dwarven catacomb beneath Neverwinter’s River District dating back to the days of Delzoun, Valtha Bonecarver found a statue of Indrek in a sanctum of Dumathoin. The inscription was in ancient dwarven, coded in a cipher known only to the talhund. Valtha translated it as:

The Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain shall never forget the tales of heroic deeds done in secret, that no bard will ever praise. Remember Indrek Goldspire. When orcish hordes snuffed out the light of Gauntlgrym, he led the dwarves of Delzoun by the secret roads: by the River of Flame, the Ways in the Dark, and the Paths of the Source Stone. By these secrets he saved the dwarves of Delzoun in their hour of peril, and earned the name of Silentshield.

Indrek Silentshield

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