Guldor Xorlarrin

Bregan D'aerthe Fighter

Guldor Xorlarrin
Level 4 trooper
Armor Class17
Physical Defense15
Mental Defense11
Hit Points54


+12 vs. AC — 14 fire damage

Miss: Guldor can make a poison dagger attack as a free action

Natural even hit: The target also takes 4 ongoing damage (normal save ends)

Poison Dagger

Special trigger; +10 vs. AC — 7 damage and 7 ongoing poison damage (normal save ends).

Natural 16+: The target is weakened (normal save ends)

Primal Fire

Guldor is vulnerable to cold and has resist fire 10+


Guldor was part of a House Xorlarrin scouting party in the Great Cavern before the gates of Gauntlgrym tasked with getting one of the house wizards inside should the gates ever open. No one in the party expected to see that for decades or even centuries, but Guldor’s party was there when the Northern Five entered the cavern and Valtha Bonecarver opened the doors. The party tried to rush past them. Most of the party, including the wizard, were killed by the adventurers. Guldor got further than anyone else before he was tackled by Cefrey Thunderbeast. Micar’eyl Auvrymtor extended to him an offer to join the Bregan D’aerthe. Guldor was skeptical at first, his thoughts molded by the same programming of a drow upbringing that Micar’eyl had discarded so long before, but he eventually agreed. In their ensuing adventures through Gauntlgrym, Guldor formed a bond of comradeship and mutual respect with Cefrey standing side-by-side on the front line, and both being exposed to Maegera’s primordial flame, an experience that changed them both forever. He proved himself quite brave and eager to prove his worth throughout the adventure. Faeryl Auvrymtor treated him as an inferior and plotted to betray his new friends. When she accidentally fired a crossbow bolt into Guldor’s back during a fight in Luskan’s Host Tower of the Arcane, Guldor became convinced that she intended to kill him.

Guldor Xorlarrin

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