Clariburnus Tanthul

Prince of Shade


Clariburnus is one of the Twelve Princes of Shade, the rulers of Netheril. He is reputedly the most human of the princes, though that term is hardly the first that springs to mind in his presence. Clariburnus took direct control of the Netherese expedition to Neverwinter Wood when his underlings failed to capture the city of Neverwinter. At that point, however, the situation had become more complex, with the Open Lord of Waterdeep Dagult Neverember setting himself up as Neverwinter’s “Lord Protector” and a war with Thay spreading from the forest to the Shadowfell.

Clariburnus, like the other princes, took a keen interest in Netheril’s ancient history, in particular the life of the archmage Ioulaum. Clariburnus became convinced that Ioulaum was still alive, and became preoccupied with the notion of finding him and restoring his enclave, Xinlenal, the first of Netheril’s flying cities. When Clariburnus discovered Xinlenal in Neverwinter Wood, he shifted the expedition’s purpose to its restoration. The Netherese have gained a great deal of power over the past century, thanks largely to the power of just one flying enclave, Thultanthar, the City of Shade. For a few years, they had a second enclave, Sakkors, but that was destroyed over the Farsea Swamp during the Shadow War. Xinlenal would be more powerful than Sakkors, and even more powerful than Thultanthar itself. With it, the Netherese could crush Thay’s forces and seize control of Neverwinter — and possibly even Waterdeep.

To repair the city’s broken mythallar, though, the Netherese needed to gather magic items and reduce them to residuum. Clariburnus has ransacked many ancient sites, including Morgur’s Mound, the ancient sites of Iliyanbruen, and the outposts of Delzoun. When the Iliyanbruen fey learned of this, they went to war, gathering allies from New Neverwinter, the Forsworn, and the Greycloaks — and then spreading to include Waterdeep, Cormyr, Myth Drannor, the Dalelands, and Evereska. The war has become Netheril’s primary concern, forcing Clariburnus to turn his attention to more martial affairs for the time being.

Clariburnus Tanthul

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