Dead Rat Rebel


Charl is a native of Neverwinter and a member of the Sons of Alagondar, formerly of the Nasher faction. He arranged the Sons’ alliance with the Dead Rats. He sees the alliance as a means to an end, and that end is freedom from Dagult Neverember’s tyranny.

Charl recognizes that Karzov must be stopped, but he considers Branwen Farlong’s ideas about anarchy dangerously naïve. Neverwinter needs a revolution, and revolutions need leaders. Charl is disappointed that Arlon Bladeshaper and so many of the other Nashers joined the new Brightwood faction, but he remains convinced that the alliance between the Sons and the Dead Rats will prove crucial to Neverwinter’s liberation. Charl is growing more and more desperate in his quest to draw other supporters to his point of view, though.


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