Cefrey Thunderbeast

Axe of the Urthgardt


Class: Barbarian
Theme: Uthgardt Barbarian
Race: Human
Level: 5 (Champion)

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
19 12 17 10 15 8
+4 +1 +3 +0 +2 -1
Recovery Dice5d12
Sons of AlagondarNetheril1
The HarpersUthgardt2
The Kingdom of NeverwinterThe Kingdom of Neverwinter1

Class Talents

  • Barbarian Rage: Once per day, use a quick action to start raging. Your rage lasts five minutes or until the end of the battle. While raging, roll 2d20 for melee and thrown weapon attacks and use the higher roll for the attack. If both roll a natural 11+ and the highest roll is a hit, the hit is a critical hit. After a battle in which you rage, roll a d20+CON. On a 16+, you can use Barbarian Rage again later in the day.

  • Barbaric Cleave: Once per battle as a free action, make another melee attack after you drop a non-mook or the last mook in a mob to 0 hp with a melee attack.

  • Strongheart: Your recovery dice are d12s instead of d10s.

  • Whirlwind: On the first action of your turn when you are engaged by two or more enemies, you can take a -4 penalty to AC and PD and then roll separate melee attacks against each enemy you are engaged with.


  • When the escalation die is at 4+, as a quick action, you can rage for free. It doesn’t count against your normal usage.
  • You have a +2 bonus to Barbaric Cleave attacks. If the cleave hits, you can heal using a recovery.
  • Deal normal damage on a miss when using your Whirlwind ability.

Bride of the North +2

Among the Thunderbeast tribe of the Uthgardt, women who try and fail to have a regular family life with a husband and children are said to be Brides of the North. Cefrey married early to a man she didn’t love, but she respected. Their first year was happy, though no children were conceived. Then Mount Hotenow erupted, and tremors were felt even as far away as the High Forest, where they triggered an avalanche. Rocks and snow swept over the valley Cefrey’s clan was passing through. Her husband died, and she very nearly did as well. It was a month before she woke. The trauma of the slide and the long coma left her weakened and barren. She was now a Bride of the North.

The Long Dark +1

After she awoke, Cefrey fell into a deep depression. Her husband was dead, and the life she’d begun was lost. She retreated within herself, losing sight of the world through hard labor. When rocks needed moving, wagons lifting for mending, or messages run long distances between clans, she took the task. In exhaustion, she fled the reality that her life had become.

Looking back, she is disgusted with what she was during this time: a coward.

Red +2

On one of her runs to deliver a message, Cefrey finally found herself again. The world intruded in the form of three hungry wolves, skin pulled taut to their ribs. In their desperation, they were willing to try to take down a human when Cefrey wandered across their path.

When the first wolf launched itself at her, Cefrey felt neither fear nor acceptance. She felt rage, rage like she had never felt before. The world that she’d fought so hard to hide from turned red in her sight, and when it cleared, Cefrey held a shattered branch, and three dead wolves lay around her, the snow painted bright red with blood.

She forced herself to walk back to camp, where she collapsed from her injuries. When she woke up, she took up a greataxe and walked into the tent of her father-in-law, Kierkrad. “Teach me.” It was the first words she spoke to him after the accident years before, and with those words and the help of an old man who’d secretly mourned her as the walking dead, she clawed herself back to life.

She became a protector of the clan, and clawed back to the life and the clan she’d thought lost one fight, one blow, one splash of blood and sweat at a time.

Axe of the Thunderbeast +3

As a warrior, Cefrey was one among many. It is true that she fought without fear of death or harm, and found strength in that, but so did others. She had found strength, both in body and in spirit, but she was not unique in that.

When not in battle, her mind was clear and concise. Her words were blunt, their meaning unhidden by guile or eloquence. Her reasoning was sound and pragmatic, born from the experiences of her life.

The clan was her home, her family, and in time the clan learned her true worth: a seeker of truth in the world, one who unmasked hidden deceptions and crimes, and an executor of bloody vengeance when needed.

The Netherese came to the Uthgardt then, reminding them of their ancient bonds of kinship. They said that their enemies in Neverwinter were responsible for the desecration of Morgur’s Mound, and that they would join with their kinsfolk against them. As the great horde gathered, Arlon Bladeshaper came to them with his charges that it was in fact the Netherese who were responsible. Cefrey had her own suspicions, and investigated the matter with Arlon until she was convinced of what he had to say. The Thunderbeast knew that Cefrey was a keen and inquisitive investigator, so her word carried weight. When the Thunderbeast tribe defected from the horde, others followed, and before long the Uthgardt had turned against Netheril.

When Arlon returned to Neverwinter, the tribe’s chieftain, Grandthur, asked her to go with him. Cefrey had uncovered the truth — now, they asked her to bring the vengeance of the Thunderbeast to the enemies who wronged them.

Cefrey Thunderbeast

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