Calaborn Roarke

Merchant at the Shining Knight Arms and Armor


Calaborn is the third son of a junior branch of House Roarke, considered an embarrassment by a family that lost its noble status forty years ago and sold most of their property in Waterdeep to the Neverembers long ago. Today they own two inns between Leilon and Neverwinter. Despite all of that, though, Calaborn remains proud of his family and determined to help them rise again through shrewd business dealings and hard work. He teamed up with a dwarven smith named Eberk Ironfist to re-open the Shining Knight Arms and Armor in the Protector’s Enclave, with Dagult Neverember’s aid and blessing.

Some native Neverwintans see their business as a crass attempt to cash in on the reputation of the original shop’s half-orc and dwarf partners, Durga and Marrok. They say that the new shop’s wares do not live up to their namesake’s quality, and that they are Neverember’s lackeys. Calaborn is deeply hurt by such accusations, but rather than give in, it reaffirms his commitment to prove himself and help rebuild his family’s wealth and reputation.

Calaborn Roarke

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