Branwen Farlong

Proprietress of the Sunken Flagon


Class: Ranger
Theme: Son of Alagondar
Race: Wood Elf
Level: 3 (Adventurer)

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
10 16 10 12 16 15
+0 +3 +0 +1 +3 +2
Recovery Dice3d8
Sons of AlagondarSons of Alagondar1
New NeverwinterNew Neverwinter1
The HarpersThe Harpers1

Class Talents

  • Archery: Once per battle, reroll one of your missed ranged attacks.

  • Tracker: You have the Tracker background at its full possible bonus of +5, without having to spend your normal background points on it. You are an expert wilderness tracker, capable of reading clues from the environment that others can’t perceive. Tracking doesn’t work well, however, in heavily traveled urban environments. In addition, you have the terrain stunt power.

    Terrain stunt: At the start of each battle in a non-urban environment, roll a d6. Any time after the escalation die reaches that number, you’ll be able to use a quick action to execute a terrain stunt. Normally you can only use terrain stunt once per battle, but circumstances, geography, or excellent planning may suggest that you can pull it off more than once.

    Terrain stunts are improvisational effects that play off your preternatural understanding of the wilderness and all the diverse forms of the natural world. Things like knocking a hornets nest no one had noticed onto your enemy’s head, maneuvering a foe onto a soggy patch of ground that slows them down, shooting the cap off a mushroom spore in a dungeon that erupts on your enemies, getting your enemy’s sword wedged into a stalactite, finding the tree branch that lets you vault up to attack the flying demon that thought it was out of axe range, and similar types of actions.

  • Ranger’s Pet: Branwen has a pet black cat named Moonshine.


  • Your grasp of the way the world is put together increases; you now can use terrain stunt in urban environments. Certainly there’s enough options in urban environments to play off of. Now you get it.



True Daughter of Neverwinter +2

Branwen is the daughter of Duncan Farlong and a full-blooded wood elf ranger named Adrie Moonshadow. Duncan named his daughter after his famous nephew, the Knight-Captain of Crossroad Keep. Born and raised in Neverwinter, Branwen grew up feeling perfectly at home in the city. She was still relatively young when Mount Hotenow erupted, killing her father and wiping out most of the city, but that adversity only strengthened her loyalty.

As terrible as the destruction of Neverwinter was, it did give Branwen some hope. She felt heartened by the way the survivors banded together to protect the city and care for one another. The nobles fled, and no law remained, but the people rebuilt on their own. A fellow volunteer on the Wall pointed her to an old book, Lessons from the Anarchs of Shyr by a nearly forgotten hero from Neverwinter’s past named Ander Brightwood. Brightwood argued that laws and rulers were not only unnecessary, but harmful, and showed how it was possible for a community to govern itself. Branwen recognized her Neverwintan survivors in the pages of this book, and began to feel that, amidst all the ruin, there was potential here for a “philosophical frontier.” Neverwinter could become a testing ground for Brightwood’s ideas.

When Dagult Neverember came to the city with his stated intention to help rebuild — and his unspoken, obvious intention to rule — Branwen resented this attempt to reestablish hierarchy and oppression in the city that the people had rebuilt. She became one of the very first Sons of Alagondar. She has lived through the city’s ups and downs and, in recent years, worked constantly to rebuild. She knows Neverwinter inside and out, and as such considers herself a true daughter of Neverwinter, not like the foreigners from Waterdeep who only arrived after natives like her bled and fought to make the city safe for habitation again.

Tracker +5

Branwen’s love of the city contrasted sharply with her mother, who couldn’t stand being so apart from nature and left the family for a wood elf community in Neverwinter Wood. Duncan never forgave her, but Branwen eventually did. For many years, she spent every summer in Neverwinter Wood, where Adrie taught her how to hunt and track. And every fall, Branwen returned to the city and found that these same skills could also be used to track city animals like rats — or even people. She still ventures out into the woods (or just the River District) to hunt wild game. They usually end up on the Sunken Flagon’s menu.

Bartender +2

When her father was killed in the eruption of Mount Hotenow in the Year of Knowledge Unearthed (419 NR, 1451 DR), Branwen inherited the Sunken Flagon, though it had suffered greatly from the cataclysm. She rebuilt the Flagon, and it became a favorite among the cataclysm’s survivors as they struggled to rebuild the city over the next twenty-five years.

She has run the inn capably not just as a business, but as an important center for the native Neverwintan community. The Sunken Flagon may be the only place left in the Protector’s Enclave where one can criticize the “Lord Pretender” in relative safety (though Mintarn enforcers check in regularly to make sure such dissidence doesn’t get too carried away). Her position as bartender means she knows what’s going on in the city like no other, and often lends a sympathetic ear to any patron who’s come to drown their sorrows. It has given her the ability to quickly gauge the emotional temperature of the city, a crowd, or just a single person.

Volunteer on the Wall +3

As soon as the Chasm opened up, scores of brave Neverwintan patriots rushed to protect what they could of the city. Branwen was one of these who fought off monsters and built the Wall that saved what has since become the Protector’s Enclave. It was a convenient way to keep her mind off the fact that her father had died in the cataclysm. Almost thirty years later, she continues to volunteer on the Wall regularly, keeping her city safe and her archery skills sharp.

Branwen often feels overshadowed by her heroic namesake: the Knight-Captain of Crossroad Keep and one of the legendary Neverwinter Nine, her “cousin,” Bran Farlong. Though most would be proud of the adventures she’s had simply helping Neverwinter rebuild, Branwen feels that she has not yet achieved enough. She yearns to do more, something heroic, to live up to her family name. She runs herself ragged, volunteering for watch after watch on the Wall. The duty wears on all volunteers, but Branwen keeps coming back — often enough to elicit concern from her companions, who urge her to not push herself so hard.

Black Forest Hunter +3

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The Journal of Branwen Farlong

26-29 Ches447 NRThe Cause of Liberty
30 Ches - 2 TarsakhThe True Heir of Nasher Alagondar
4-6 TarsakhNightmares
7-8 TarsakhThe Revolution Begins

Branwen Farlong

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