Baern Bonecarver

Seeker of Gauntlgrym


When Baern’s daughter Helja decided to travel to Neverwinter to seek out Gauntlgrym, he went with her.

Baern is one of Valtha Bonecarver’s many uncles. His brother Drezen became a zhedev (loosely, “defiler,” “disturber,” or “one who makes noise,” as opposed to the Silent Vow that the talhund once swore), convinced that to continue serving the dead god Dumathoin, he had to turn to necromancy. Baern believes this is a mistake, though he is not as adamant about it as Valtha’s parents. He chooses instead to look the other way. Valtha, after all, is family, and in true dwarven fashion, Baern believes that comes before anything else.

Baern Bonecarver

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