Alisara Callum

Pillar of the Helm's Hold Community


Alisara is the granddaughter of Thorin Callum, one of Nasher Alagondar’s legendary Neverwinter Nine. Her frayed purple tabard, bearing a white dragon sigil, bears testimony to her own adventures and accomplishments as one of the Purple Dragon Knights of Cormyr (though some in town mistake it for her own personal coat of arms).

Alisara was the Chief Speaker of Helm’s Hold. She accepted Rohini and the Oghmanytes from the House of Knowledge into the community, and gave them permission to establish their sanatorium. When Micar’eyl Auvrymtor came to Alisara with the suggestion that Rohini might be transforming patients into foulspawn in the Sanatorium, she demanded that Micar’eyl bring her evidence for such a claim, but promised to keep an open mind if she could. When she did, Alisara and the rest of the council voted to expel Rohini from the town. The Prophet responded by digging in her heels and fortifying Helm’s Cathedral. The aboleths warped her mind and tried to use her to reverse that decision, but Valtha Bonecarver recognized the signs of abolethic manipulation. She was removed from office while the battle was fought to seal the Crypts of the Vigilant Eye and slay Rohini.

After the battle, the town council was disbanded, as Helm’s Hold became an anarchist enclave. Alisara is well liked, and the people often come to her to help work out their problems. Her ability to inspire others has been key to the success of the town’s radical experiment so far.

Alisara Callum

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