Aerlyse Cresthill

Half-Drow Psion

Aerlyse Cresthill
Level 1 spoiler
Humanoid (half-drow)
Armor Class17
Physical Defense11
Mental Defense15
Hit Points18


+9 vs. AC — 7 damage

Natural even hit: The target also takes 3 ongoing damage (normal save ends)

Psionic Blast

+9 vs. MD (one nearby enemy) — 5 damage and the target is confused (normal save ends).

Natural even miss: The target is confused (normal save ends)


Aerlyse was a half-drow mercenary in Bregan D’aerthe with psionic talents. She was Kimmuriel Oblodra’s spy, keeping an eye on Xalbyn Yauntyrr, who is Jarlaxle Baenre’s spy keeping an eye on the “drow camp” in Castle Never, using his hat of disguise to pass as a human under the name Thom Kreel.

Yes, paranoid drow spies make everything very complicated, very quickly.

Aerlyse led the Bregan D’aerthe mercenaries who helped Helm’s Hold during their fight against the Abolethic Sovereignty. Shortly thereafter, when Favria demanded names from the Northern Five, Micar’eyl Auvrymtor gave her name as Aerlyse Cresthill. When they returned to Neverwinter, Jarlaxle met with Micar’eyl and told her that Aerlyse had been killed, apparently by the Ashmadai.

Aerlyse Cresthill

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