Aban the Giant

Member of the Ardents of Calim

Aban the Giant
Level 1 wrecker (large)
Earthsoul genasi (humanoid)
Armor Class14
Physical Defense12
Mental Defense8
Hit Points76


+6 vs. AC — 10 damage

Natural even hit or miss: Aban can also make a stomp attack against a single target as a free action


+6 vs. PD (each smaller enemy engaged with Aban) — 10 damage and the target is dazed (save ends).

Stone Body

Ordinary weapons only deal half damage against Aban unless you roll a natural 16+.


Aban is the biggest and strongest of the Ardents of Calim, a group of airsoul and earthsoul genasi adventurers from Calimport. He took part in Valtha Bonecarver’s expedition to the ancient Delzoun catacombs now buried beneath Neverwinter’s River District. It ended in disaster when they encountered the volcanic dragon Koravakarios. Lekythion bargained with the dragon in time to save his life, as well as Sultara’s and his own, but too late for three of their other friends. As part of the deal, Koravakarios employed them as guards to keep any others from following them.

Valtha returned shortly thereafter with a new party: Horst, Micar’eyl Auvrymtor, Branwen Farlong, and Marcus Greycloak. They convinced the Ardents to betray their new master and instead help them slay it. Together, they succeeded in doing so.

Aban the Giant

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