The Journal of Micar'eyl Auvrymtor: Side Notes - Governmental Business

The Journal of Micar’eyl Auvrymtor: Side Notes —
Governmental Business

A few notes for my journal about the first days of the new Kingdom of Neverwinter (which succeeds the kingdom of New Neverwinter). I’m going to keep this brief and “just the facts” unless I get inspired to blab about something.

I, Micar’eyl Auvrymtor, am First Secretary and therefore responsible for taking notes for King Rodrik Alagondar I of Neverwinter. Rodrik wants to be a really idealistic king; therefore when someone wants to bribe me I will have them owe me favors rather than actually allowing cash or physical objects to change hands. I understand this is how it is done in the more high-minded kingdoms.

Rodrik has appointed Donn Stormchapel as his spymaster and political advisor. He was on my shortlist, so I don’t disapprove of the decision. Beyond that we’re retaining a lot of Neverember’s old bureaucracy, even bringing “First Citizen” Jelvus Grinch back in as Minister of Trade.

Regarding Arlon Bladeshaper and the other Brightwoods (including Seipora Gend), Rodrik has ordered a hands-off posture. He doesn’t want anyone suppressing them for their beliefs, which I take to be both an expression of his ideals and a political strategy of making it look like they are the unreasonable assholes to his open-handed attempts to help the city. He is taking some of Arlon’s less crazy policy proposals “under advisement”, mostly in the vein of letting them have a try at avoiding a City Watch.

At Rodrik’s direction I have written to the Iliyanbruen expressing his continued support for the war against Netheril. They wrote back agreeing to send an emissary for further talks and even dangling the possibility of a marriage alliance with Lady Keyleth.

Which is very interesting, as everyone is pressuring Rodrik to get married and have an heir. His grandmother wants him to marry Nharaen Wands. He is trying to duck the issue and has thrown it on me to make arrangements. Groan! Fine, if he insists on having me deal with this then I’ll deal with it.

Most of the temples are falling in line behind Rodrik, but Luth Helder in the Temple of Amaunator is questioning the basis of his legitimacy. This is another one of those things where he wants to back off and let the other party look like an asshole, so no concrete action right now.

Rodrik being a noted anti- Ashmadai crusader, the question came up of if he wants to move against Mordai Vell. Well he won’t let me just kill Vell, which I was planning to do before it became an issue of “government,” and he doesn’t feel he can bring Vell to trial, so right now it’s all “watch and gather information.”

The Order of Blue Fire is being allowed to establish a house in Neverwinter.

The Many Arrows orcs are being allowed to establish an embassy in the Cloak Tower they were just kicked out of. Meet the new boss, same as the old…

The Zhentarim are being told we don’t need their help.

We signed a trade alliance with the city of Tarmalune in Returned Abeir. I’m informed that many of its inhabitants consider it to be a rival to Waterdeep.

Rodrik decided to allow Lord Leyton Amcathra to continue to hold Crossroad Keep and accept his fealty in spite of his previous ties to Neverember.

Per the King, our current priorities are to win the war with Netheril and make Neverwinter prosperous again.



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