Map of the City of Neverwinter


The Northern Five have discovered the fabled dwarven city of Gauntlgrym and defeated the duergar infesting its halls while keeping the drow of House Xorlarrin outside its gates. Now, though, they must find another way out. They begin following the roots of the Host Tower, traveling through the Underdark towards Luskan and a final confrontation with Valindra Shadowmantle.

Currently at the Docks

See also the Neverwinter Docks

The Executioner’s Descent, a galley from Waterdeep with a cargo of leather goods. Its captain is an Illuskan woman named Amafrey Helder.

The Serene Aasimar, a carrack from Baldur’s Gate with a cargo of weapons and dye. Its captain is a Moon Elf man named Faelar Eveningfall.

The Lovely Cape, a galley from Athkatla with a cargo of gold and beer. Its captain is a halfling man named Wilimac Hardingdale.


Forgotten Realms has a long and detailed story. To this we add our own adventures. This will be used as potential background for the campaign, but don’t stress about it if you don’t like delving into fictional histories. It’s here purely for your enjoyment. Anything vital to the game will be treated as fully as is required at the table, no homework necessary.

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